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North Midlands Swimming and Water Polo Association

The North Midlands Swimmimg and Water Polo Association is run jointly by Affiliated swimming clubs from Cheshire and Staffordshire. The association runs an annual swimming competition which is licensed at Swim England Level 3 and provides an excellent intermediate level gala where young inexperienced swimmers can have a gentle introduction to competitive swimming.

The North Midlands competition will continue to run as a licensed meet. The organizers of the competition believe that it offers a valuable opportunity for swimmers to gain experience of competitive swimming.

Our Constitution

2023 Competition

Conditions, Programme of Events and Qualification Times


Online Entry system

The online entries open on Monday 17th July. The entry system is available here

Accepted Entries

The Accepted Entries are available at Swimming Events

Volunteers - Signup sheet is available

We appreciate the support of our volunteers who are essential to the running of the meet. If you are able to help out at any of the sessions please sign up on our volunteer sheet

Spectators Tickets

Access to the balcony has been free for the North Midlands competition for many years. However, current circumstances require that we restrict the number of spectators on the balcony. Tickets are now available to buy online at Book Spectator Tickets. Children are free.

Tickets will also be available on the door subject to availability (please book online to ensure a ticket).

License Numbers

  • October 7th-8th  3NW231634
  • October 21st-22nd  3NW231635

DBS and SE Registration for Team Managers

Please use the following link to provide DBS and SE registration numbers for your Team Managers DBS and SE Registration form

Session Details

All Events are Head Declared Winners (HDW). Entry Fee £6.50 per event. Ages as of 22nd October 2023. Entries closing date Wednesday 13th September 2023. Late entries may be accepted after this date if there is available space, the fee for late entries will be £12

Saturday 7th October 2023
Session 1

Warmup 12:45 Start 13:50 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
101 10+ Male 400m Freestyle
102 9+ Female 200 Backstroke
103 10+ Male 100 Butterfly
104 10+ Female 100 Breaststroke
105 Open Male 100 Individual Medley
Saturday 7th October 2023
Session 2

Warmup 16:50 Start 17:55 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
201 10+ Female 400m Freestyle
202 9+ Male 50m Backstroke
203 9+ Female 100m Individual Medley
204 9+ Male 200m Breaststroke
205 9+ Female 100m Butterfly
206 9+ Male 200m Butterfly
Sunday 8th October 2023
Session 3

Warmup 09:00 Start 10:05 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
301 10+ Female 400m Individual Medley
302 9+ Male 200m Backstroke
303 9+ Female 200m BreastStroke
304 9+ Male 50m Butterfly
305 9+ Female 50m Backstroke
Sunday 8th October 2023
Session 4

Warmup 13:30 Start 14:35 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
401 9+ Male 50m Freestyle
402 9+ Female 50m Breaststroke
403 11+ Mixed 800m Freestyle
Saturday 21st October 2023
Session 5

Warmup 12:45 Start 13:50 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
501 10+ Male 400m Individual Medley
502 9+ Female 200m Freestyle
503 9+ Male 100m Freestyle
504 9+ Female 50m Butterfly
505 9+ Male 100m Breaststroke
Saturday 21st October 2023
Session 6

Warmup 17:00 Start 18:05 Officials OK

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
601 9+ Female 100m Freestyle
602 9+ Male 100m Backstroke
603 9+ Female 200m Butterfly
604 9+ Male 200m Freestyle
605 9+ Female 100m Backstroke
Sunday 22nd October 2023
Session 7

Warmup 09:00 Start 10:05 Officials Bare Minimum

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
701 9+ Female 200m Individual Medley
702 9+ Male 200m Individual Medley
Junior Female/Male Skins (14u)
Senior Female/Male Skins (15+)
By invitation from the results of the 200 IM
Sunday 22nd October 2023
Session 8

Warmup 13:15 Start 14:20 Officials 5 more required

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
801 9+ Female 50m Freestyle
802 9+ Male 50m Breaststroke
803 11+ Mixed 1500m Freestyle
Some sessions may require breaks to conform to Swim England licensing conditions. Breaks will be announced in the week before the championships start, which session they relate to and when they will occur in a session.

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15City of Chester8

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